M.A., PSY.D.
Heal ~ Transform ~ Ascend

We were very fortunate to have met Amelia 13 years ago. Back then we were not married, but had a son together. We were not even in a relationship together and we were worlds apart from each other. With Amelia's help and understanding we fell in love with each other, married and have had another son as well. We are stronger than ever and have worked through it all with the amazing works she does. Wow! Such a great success story we are. This has been such an amazing journey. Amelia has also helped our oldest son face his fears playing baseball. He took a line drive to the face when he was pitching. This truly affected our son's playing ability, with Amelia's amazing therapy sessions with him, we now referred to her as the baseball whisperer! We truly love the way she has helped our family.

We thank God every day for her!

Dr. Amelia's integrative and intuitive approach to healing changed my life. She helped me access parts of myself that needed to be addressed in order to move forward in peace. As many people might experience a variation of trauma in their lifetime, I was lucky enough to find Dr. Amelia just at the end of mine. After almost two years of an extremely heavy, stressful and intolerable situation, Dr. Amelia guided me back to full health. She provided me with many tools to address the various ways in which life can throw curve balls and taught me how to manage and limit their affect on my life. I am very pleased and thankful for the opportunity she opened, coming back to my true self has created the inner peace and joy I experienced as a child.


When I first came to Dr.Amy's practice I was broken in my mind, my spirit, and my body. I was experiencing physical illness that ordinarily I would have overcome in a reasonable amount of time, but I was stuck with illness and all the while sobbing away my life, scared of what could be wrong with me. I needed help, and I felt I needed it fast because cause I didn't how to get out of this abyss I was sinking in. Dr. Amy had no problem accepting me as a new client quickly which I greatly appreciate. I found her to be gentle and comfortable to talk to. And as our time together in sessions came and gone I began to realize the depth and diversity of her knowledge. She is a gem in her field of healing. Taking from all manner of approaches of healing she applies what is needed. One of the most profound experiences of my entire life was the "Inner Path" work she used in my healing process. It is an experience I will never forget, a journey you feel down to the core of your being and I know absolutely that was the launching of my healing back to myself. Thank you Dr. Amy for being the healing angel that you are!

With the deepest appreciation, Irene

When I arrived on Amelia’s doorstop I was a shell of a woman. I was completely hopeless and lost in alcohol addiction. I was crippled with fear and anxiety and was completely and utterly broken. I didn’t know what to do or where to go. Now, three years since my first visit, I know that Amelia saved my life. I have never met a more kind and loving woman in my life. Through her therapy sessions, the journey work, and good ol’ fashion crying it out my life has been transformed. I am now filled with love and light. I have put the pieces of my old self back together and have added new ones. I can now say that I love myself and am capable of anything. I am forever grateful that Amelia was brought into my life and that she loved me when I couldn’t love myself.

Love & Peace

“Amelia came into my life during my overwhelming devastation over the death of my son; I held onto my life and sanity by only a tentative thread. After only one journey with her, I came to the first sense of peace and acceptance I had since that sudden and fateful shattering of my world...........and have been able to maintain and build on that solid ground ever since. Amelia is an Angel, a beacon of light in the darkness of despair; she is an empath and as such not only guides you on your journey, but travels it with you - seeing through your eyes, feeling with your heart and guiding you deftly and quickly to forgiveness and healing. I continue to work with Amelia, peeling away deeper and deeper layers of pain and dysfunction to become more fully the light and joy I am meant to be!”

Much love and showers of blessings, Catherine

“Dr. Amelia gave me my 13 year old back. The Psychiatrist had said medication and a year to 18 months or more of tedious therapy would be necessary without medication. One session with Dr. Amelia was all that was needed. She was back to her old self and all symptoms were gone. I am so grateful. 6 months later my daughter has sustained the healing”

Mother, Orange County