M.A., PSY.D.
Heal ~ Transform ~ Ascend
“Healing is like solving a puzzle,
you need all the pieces to
make it complete. What healing pieces
do you need to complete YOUR puzzle?"

Solving Your Puzzle

Dr. Amelia approaches each client differently, as no two healing puzzles are the same. First appointments are designed to assess what pieces of healing an individual may need and the plan to solve it. Different healing pieces are attended to in the order of priority based on the need of the client. If physical issues appear to be a possibility or more information is needed, an SCIO Quantum Biofeedback appointment would most likely be a second appointment so if referrals to functional/integrative physicians can be made to get that piece underway. Maybe nutrition and brain chemistry need to be addressed because symptoms in that area are quite acute, so the next likely appointment would be to assess and educate the client on needs in that area so changes can be initiated and relief on its way. Someone may be experiencing emotional symptoms from panic attacks or grief, a Soul Memory Discovery session or a mind-body cellular healing session The Inner Path™ would be next. Dr. Amelia is also the only licensed Journey Practitioner in the state of California, one of only a few in the country and you may have sought her out for a traditional session of The Journey™ which is the work of Brandon Bays. Maybe your mind has taken over and you are constantly plagued with negative thoughts, a Cognitive Session where Dr. Amelia helps a client tame that mind of theirs, shift their perspective and mood immediately using years of training in Cognitive Therapy and The Work™ of Byron Katie. Some sessions will be spent doing more traditional psychotherapy because sometimes we just need to talk and be heard, get some coping skills, need help making a decision or couples and the family session is in order. Sessions can include meditation and relaxation training, crisis intervention, education in coping skills and communication, parenting, behavior and lifestyle changes, or a talk about Spirituality. One of Dr. Amelia’s favorite tools of transformation is The Enneagram and a session may be centered on this. Clients with physical illness will come in for all the same services as above but will also include Total Recall/Biology healing. Some clients will need all of Dr. Amelia’s tools to solve their healing puzzle and others only one or two. The point is that your healing puzzle is finally solved so you can get off the preverbal couch and on with your life!! As Dr. Amelia says,

"Your life is not meant to be spent in a therapist's office year after year!
Life is meant to be spent LIVING!"

Vibrant Health, Infinite Joy, Love, and Happiness are YOUR Divine Birth Right!”
Claim yours today!!

All sessions can be done at a distance, over the phone, or on Skype.
Dr. Amelia has clients all over the country and the world because
her work is such a unique and effective package.