M.A., PSY.D.
Heal ~ Transform ~ Ascend
"Following The Inner Path™,
healing that manifests a life lived
authentically, vibrantly, and joyfully,
BEING your greatest potential."

The Inner Path™

IMAGINE.....Being guided on a journey to the center of your being where you are able to uncover the root cause of any long-standing health, emotional or behavioral issue and at long last completely free yourself from its grasp. Inner Path Work™ is an incredibly powerful, yet simple and easy process similar to a guided visualization that can do just that. Utilizing and combining multiple progressive body-centered healing techniques.

"A process that facilitates cellular healing, getting at the root cause of what is driving
the depression, the anxiety, the illness, the worthlessness, the eating disorder
the block to abundance"

It taps into the body’s infinite intelligence. The natural wisdom that makes our heartbeat and our hair grow without us even having to think about it. The process harnesses the body’s unlimited healing potential to guide the client directly to stored memories, which can be associated with much long-standing health, emotional or behavioral issues. Once these memories have been uncovered they can be completely resolved and released allowing the body to start healing naturally at a cellular level. The results are profound and lasting. Undergoing the Inner Path™ process many have freed themselves of the trauma of abuse, rape, grief, rage, fear, guilt, addictions, depression, eating disorders, depression, low self-esteem, anxiety & panic attacks, self-sabotaging behaviors, sexual dysfunction, chronic pain, stress, and physical illness.

"The process connects you to a higher frequency of consciousness beyond the
ego......your true nature, your Christ conscious, the beauty that you truly are and
haven't been connected to since you were a small child."

In addition to guiding you to specific memories, the process drops you through layers of emotions until you open into a profound place of love, stillness, joy, and well-being, exposing you to who you really are underneath the ego/personality. Recognizing, revealing your true essence, and living from that place, allows you to begin living more authentically, from wholeness in your life and relationships. The main structure of this process stems from the script for hypnosis, guided regression therapy, and a therapeutic technique, pioneered by Brandon Bays and outlined in her bestseller The Journey™, now internationally recognized as one of the most powerful and transformative healing tools available today. Dr. Amelia has been an accredited journey practitioner since 2003 and has added many things to the process, like energy work, Soul Memory Discovery, body-centered guided imagery tools, regression therapy, as well Peter Levine’s leading trauma work, Somatic Experiencing™. The road to recovery and healing is found by following your Inner Path™. There is no healing modality as effective and is by far the best healing work available today.

How does it work?
The Inner Path™ is based on two main theories to create
deep transforming healing that works for children and adults alike.

Cellular Memory Release ~
The Inner Path™ is based on the fact that our memories, past emotions, and traumas are not stored just in our brains, but throughout our bodies. When we for example as a 10-year-old have a strong emotional experience our brains release chemicals throughout our bodies that match our emotional state, those molecules of emotion can actually enter the cell membrane and get stuck altering the cell if they are not properly processed. This emotional wound stored in the cell keeps getting passed on which is why after years of talk therapy that certain someone or situation can trigger you. These cellular memories also compromise the cell leaving it susceptible to dis-ease and pathogens to set in. The cells in the body regenerate constantly, eye cells regenerate every two days, and liver cells every 6-7 weeks.

"But why if someone has liver cancer today,
do they still have it 6 months down the line
when in fact the organ is brand new a few times over?"

Deepak Chopra M.D., the author of Quantum Healing, believes that what in fact is happening is that the ‘cell memory’ is being carried into each new generation of cells. It is as if the new cells are being born out of the memory of the previous cell generation. Dr. Candace Pert, author of the best-selling book ‘Molecules of Emotion’ is a well-known cellular biologist who discovered the opiate receptor in the brain. What she has unequivocally discovered is that whenever we have an intense, powerful emotion that we repress or shuts down, specific chemical changes take place in our bodies. These can affect certain cell receptors, blocking those cells from communicating with the other cells in our bodies. If these affected cells remain blocked over a long period of time then there is an increased likelihood that if disease occurs, it will occur in the part of the body where the cell receptors are blocked. When we feel and express our emotions healthily, fully, and wholesomely, our cell receptors remain open. Dr. Pert is interviewed on this subject throughout the movie “What the @#$% Do WE Know Anyway” which is sweeping the nation. Dr. Bruce Lipton a developmental biologist has become famous for his research on the biology of belief, and how our beliefs become stored in our cellular biology and DNA. Cellular memories can contain all sorts of negative messages that run through our emotions, beliefs, thoughts, and even our health. The Inner Path™ is a process that can free us once and for all of these destructive cellular memories that traditional talk therapy does not help with.

Emotions are the Gateway ~
Generally, when a very strong emotion shows up in our lives, our natural tendency Is to reject it, deny it, numb it out, or just the opposite. We can identify ourselves through our emotions, cling on, get stuck in them, attach ourselves to them and wallow in them. For example, if we decide ‘I don’t want to feel sad, depressed, angry’ we do all sorts of things to literally push it away, to stuff it back down - we pick up the phone, turn on the TV, exercise, eat it away, smoke it away, drink it away. We will do ANYTHING just as long as we do not actually have to feel. Then there are those of us who get stuck and find ourselves drowning in our emotions unable to find the shore. So we will find ourselves doing many of the same distracting and destructive behaviors to help move us out of it by expelling it outward. Some can become so overwhelmed by recurring emotions that they are unable to function. No one ever taught us how to deal with strong emotions so we just blatantly reject them or are held hostage by them. Many of us were taught that it was wrong to feel our emotions. Some may have been raised where strong emotions were thrown around al the time in destructive ways.

But what if we could react differently? What if in the face of a really
strong emotion we just ALLOWED the emotion to move through us?

Have you ever watched a child get upset?
Children feel their anger, for example, then they might cry a few tears, and typically within a few short minutes, they find themselves back in the bliss of being a child. Dr. Amelia was taught, that if you just allow your emotion to come up and feel it fully, not attaching to it, just allow it to wash through, just like your thoughts during meditation, your emotion will come and go naturally.

Can you think of a time when you allowed yourself to really feel a painful emotion?

Now, remember the relief and freedom you felt afterward, the lightness, as if a huge weight had been lifted from your body. Dr. Amelia has found that many Spiritual and therapeutic techniques will take this one step further and have you to keep going into the emotion until you move beyond its negativity and fall into a profound more positive, higher frequency emotional state that is our natural state.

Higher Frequency Emotional State ~ of peace, of lightness, of infinite love and compassion, of joy - has many names around the world. In The Journey™, they refer to it as Source; athletes and adrenaline junkies often call it 'The Zone'; scientists refer to it as Quantum Soup’, the point of all possibility or a ‘place of no mind’. Others call it the true self, the higher self, your true nature, your soul, or Truth. Still others refer to it as ‘The Infinite Intelligence’ or an experience of ‘God’, your Godlike self.

We have forgotten who we truly are and identify with our egos, our personalities. Thankfully we are not our egos. We are source. Source cannot be stained, it does not change and it does not leave us. Your true nature or source is the ultimate self-object of limitless, unconditional love, wisdom, and compassion. Whatever name you give it, it is the same place, the place where the body is able to tap into its own infinite healing power and knowledge. Accessing this place and then healing our wounds from this place using The Inner Path™ with Dr. Amelia allows for healing that continues long after the process and frees us from those long-standing wounds that traditional talk therapy doesn’t heal.