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The Enneagram

The Enneagram is an amazing tool or system, when used correctly, can tell you a vast amount about yourself and others. Based on an ancient Spiritual Teaching The Enneagram shows the 9 manifestations of the Ego or Personality. When we are born we come into the world connected to God, love, and joy, then life unfolds. Because of the disconnectedness, beliefs, or wounding of other people around us we learn that we will not be loved, seen as worthy or good enough, or get our needs meet and feel safe just by being. We learn we are going to have to do, act or behave in certain ways to get love, acceptance, and approval. Each person develops an ego/personality from wounds and experiences in their childhood based on certain dispositions to get their needs meet and to feel safe. The Enneagram shows us these personality types.
Dr. Amelia says,

“I know of no more revealing psychological testing or system that shows us what we do! And when we finally see what or how we are creating pain and dysfunction in ourselves and relationships we can know how to stop it and find freedom, true peace, and happiness.”

Many people who work with the Enneagram feel that the Ego or Personality Types cannot be changed only worked with, but with The Inner Path™ work you can begin to free yourself of these egoic patterns that have been sabotaging your life and relationships over and over.