M.A., PSY.D.
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"Following The Inner Path™,
healing that manifests a life lived
authentically, vibrantly, and joyfully,
BEING your greatest potential."

Meditation Instruction

Reduce Stress, clear your mind and become more centered. Dr. Amelia writes, “Meditation is the state of non-distraction or rather it is the point of meditation. When we meditate we train the mind. We begin to directly see how it functions, how we often let our thoughts run us ragged, affecting our body and emotions. Using meditation we can learn to tame this mind of ours opening our hearts and clearing away the debris that covers our innate peacefulness beyond our habitual patterns of stress, endless activity, and distraction. Meditation offers a direct link to who we really are. Meditation is a practice now widely accepted that cuts through and soars above cultural and religious barriers, and enables those who pursue it to establish direct contact with the truth of their being and a more peaceful and loving way of living.” Research on meditation is well documented and proven to decrease stress, high blood pressure, migraine headaches, decrease pain, and aid in the overall health both physical and mental of its practitioners. Dr. Amelia has been meditating for almost 20 years and attended many workshops and retreats to achieve her level of practice. Dr. Amelia has taught meditation both to individuals and groups with great success.