M.A., PSY.D.
Heal ~ Transform ~ Ascend
"What if we actually healed instead of
  just medicated and managed our symptoms?
  Is it time to explore your Toxic world
  and how it infiltrates your inner world?"
Healing Piece #2

Environmental Toxins = The New Psychological Baggage
The High Price of Our Modern World = Our Mental and Physical Well Being

"Could toxicity be causing my psychological and
physical symptoms?"

Dr. Amelia knows from first-hand experience that environmental toxins can make you physically ill, but that they also affect our psychological and spiritual health as well. When toxins enter the picture, our complex, interconnected system can go haywire. Most doctors and therapists have no idea that environmental toxins can cause anxiety, panic attacks, depression, sleep disruption, weight gain, exhaustion and insomnia, learning disorders, speech problems, lethargy, brain fog, memory loss, and more. People are being diagnosed with mental disorders that are really caused by toxic poisoning resulting from our toxic world.

Dr. Amelia says, “If toxins are not the root cause of psychological symptoms, today’s toxic world plays a part in exacerbating most psychological symptoms.” Dealing with a client’s “total load” of environmental toxicity in relation to successful psychological healing is a crucial piece in the healing of today’s emotional and addiction-oriented disorders.

Dr. Amelia helps to educate clients in:

  • Assessing their toxicity load
  • Referrals to Practitioners and resources for healing
  • Testing and Assessment available
  • How to detox, get detox pathways clear and open, cleanses, saunas
  • Nutritional and Lifestyle choices to decrease our total toxin load

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