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Heal ~ Transform ~ Ascend
Our Body Tells Our Story:
Our Biography Becomes
Our Biology."
Healing Piece #1

"Cellular Healing Following Inner Path™,
Finally Emotional Therapy That Works!"

What is Cell Memory? The emotions from significant traumatic events are stored at a cellular level in our bodies and brain. When cells in our body replicate, information in the cell is transferred into the new cell; information like emotions, memories, and behavior patterns nutrition and toxins. Your life’s experiences are literally stored and kept alive becoming your biology! Explaining why you find certain issues, patterns, health problems and even types of relationships following you around year after year no matter how much “talk” therapy you have had and how dis-ease sets into your compromised cells blocking life force and even nutrients. What if we could access those memories and heal with our body’s innate intelligence? What if we uncovered the actual cause of our problems, instead of just understanding them, treating the symptoms, and becoming dependent on medication?


"What if we actually HEALED?"

The Inner Path™, Soul Memory Discovery, The Healing Code, Total Recall Healing and Quantum Biofeedbackare Therapeutic modalities that Dr. Amelia uses to harness your bodies intelligence to uncover, resolve and permanently let go of cellular memories allowing your bodies unlimited healing potential to do what it is programmed to do, HEAL ITSELF!


If we want to heal, we must get at the root cause. We must release and heal the memory stored in the cell that is driving the anxiety, the depression, the cancer, the worthlessness, the chronic illness or the belief blocking our abundance and bring new consciousness back to the cell. We must connect to who we were before the wounding happened, remembering our greatest potential.


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