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"Getting Your Nutrition, Vitamins, Minerals,
and Amino Acids SUFFICIENT not deficient
is The Bad Mood Bomb to stop medicating
and start eradicating your symptoms!”

Healing Piece #4

What's missing in your diet?

Dr. Amelia reveals that most people are walking around without the proper brain fuel to handle today’s stressful world. When our stores of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals get depleted in our brains by long-term stress, trauma, or addictions. The results are that our brains simply do not have the supplies of the needed chemicals to regulate our moods. Most people are experiencing what Julie Ross, author of The Mood Cure, calls false moods because of their vitamin, mineral, and amino acid deficiencies. There are multiple culprits to point our fingers at in addition to the above-mentioned possibilities, from the American SAD diet to environmental toxins to Genetically Modified Food to our favorite nutrient-depleting poisoning system, the microwave, just to name a few. There is no FOOD in our food anymore Dr. Amelia tells us, and to top it off we are so overloaded with toxins that we are running around feeling empty , exhausted, depressed, anxious, angry, or often just plain overwhelmed by life.

This healing piece fills in a crucial piece for solving the psychological healing puzzle by sharing the alarming information about the not widely known fact that Americans are nutritionally deficient, not to mention overweight, and why. Explaining also, the other not widely publicized fact that the psychotropic medicines prescribed to fix our broken brains and bodies often do not actually do that, and in some cases increase the problem and add more symptoms to address, like weight gain and loss of libido just to name two.

Correcting deficiencies of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, not only fixes the problem but can often offer better results with no side effects. In many cases, a combination of prescription drugs and amino acids or certain vitamins and minerals improve their effects. Correcting and balancing our brains in cases of addiction will greatly decrease cravings/abstinence symptoms if not completely eliminate them. This can also apply to dieting and eliminating unhealthy food cravings.

Trained in clinical nutrition, Dr. Amelia helps educate you on how to unwind from the mess that our modern-day diet has caused and get you feeling great in no time.


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