M.A., PSY.D.
Heal ~ Transform ~ Ascend
"What if we looked for the root cause
of our symptoms? What if we did more
than just managed and medicated
symptoms we had labeled with a diagnosis?
What if we actually healed?"

"Healing Piece #3

Getting Integrative and Functional in Psychology and Medicine

Facilitating Healing at the Level of Causation and Healing for Good!

Not Just Diagnosis and Management of Symptoms

“You mean there is a reason I am sick? I have other options than toxic medication, surgery, and a lifelong identification with the label of my diagnosis?”

When Dr. Amelia meets with her clients she knows that an important piece in her client’s healing puzzle may be revealed by looking at the underlying physical causes of psychological symptoms and diagnosis. The newly emerging field of integrative and functional medicine brings a treatment approach that views the person as having an intricate and complex system that is interconnected. When there is a disruption in the system, you need to look for all the causes, in all the systems, to bring balance and harmony back to the whole. Treatment in medicine and psychology has been falling radically short of achieving complete healing and success because of its failure to look at the other systems that may be causing the problem. “Holistic” means looking at the whole person, not all-natural as many have been led to believe. Psychology has been stuck on emotions, the mind, and the brain for far too long missing the fact that problems in seemingly unrelated parts of the body can actually be the cause for the symptoms presenting on the proverbial couch, and if missed can make therapy a long, difficult, frustrating and often unsuccessful road to travel.

Following the Inner Path™ to
The medical cause of your psychological problem.

Dr. Amelia looks for common physical problems addressed by integrative and functional medical physicians she refers to that help heal psychological symptoms. She understands that certain psychological symptoms can be healed by addressing something in the physical body.

What goes on in the body affects the brain.

Healing the body to heal the brain is an essential step
in a person's healing journey.

For example, thyroid problems, adrenal fatigue and exhaustion, hormonal imbalance, food allergies, digestion and gut disturbance, viral and bacterial infections, leaky gut syndrome, parasites, sugar regulation, Candida and fungus, malabsorption syndrome, and heavy metal poisoning are some of the underlying medical conditions that can be linked to anxiety, panic attacks, obsessive-compulsive disorder, depression, insomnia, brain fog, memory loss, food cravings…..well and the list goes on.

Dr. Amelia assesses for possible problems and makes the appropriate referrals to physicians qualified to further assess, diagnose, and treat from a holistic, functional and integrative medical approach. This healing piece fills in a vital hole in the psychological healing puzzle ending with how to find a physician to support you on this section of your healing journey.

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