M.A., PSY.D.
Heal ~ Transform ~ Ascend
"Following The Inner Path™,
healing that manifests a life lived
authentically, vibrantly, and joyfully,
BEING your greatest potential."

Transformation Through
Holistic and Integrative Psychology and Coaching
Following The Inner Path™
Your Healing Puzzle Solved!

When we truly decide to change our lives and relationships, to be free of longstanding issues and behavior patterns that limit us by not living authentically, something amazing happens. We become alive again, revealing our true essence and healing to live from a place of wholeness.

Transformation of the body, mind, and spirit is a rewarding path to choose. It's choosing to peel back and dissolve the layers of trauma, toxicity, negative thought patterns and beliefs, illness, hurt, and pain of a lifetime..... "the stuff" that life, other people, and we as individuals have piled onto ourselves, burdening us and obscuring the beauty that has always been inside us. It's learning that through healing our body, mind, and spirit by letting go of the past, and choosing to move forward, we will deliver ourselves the life we were meant to live... Peacefully, joyfully and effortlessly. Through this process, we come to understand how happiness starts from within. That we alone are responsible for our own happiness and it cannot be found outside of ourselves. We begin to see ourselves, relationships, and life itself from an entirely new perspective. Life becomes a process of learning to be authentically aware and going with the natural flow of living. The world is seen with an openness and freshness that has not been with us since we were very young. We feel alive and joyful again. We begin to live life from a place of who we truly are, revealing our true essence to ourselves and others. The Inner Path™ is a process of transforming ourselves, our lives, our bodies, our souls, and our relationships starting from within.

I am committed to helping clients ignite this transformation in their lives and relationships. Please read through the in-depth descriptions on my website of this transforming and unique work I offer.

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